Reddick Contractors has extensive experience in the Operation of Hydro Generation Facilities. Since 1989 our company has provided safe and reliable powerhouse operations within the field of hydro electric generation.  Currently there are 5 Hydro Generating facilities under our umbrella of operational control, representing 7 separate Turbine/Generator Units. Our Core group of highly skilled operators, tradesmen and engineers provide knowledgeable and reliable expertise. We have been responsible for all aspects of our customer’s power generation, from startup through to Utility interconnection and 24 hour operation.

We have had direct involvement in the design and implementation of a variety of hydro automation and control systems, and have worked closely with our customers and third party entities in the customization and adoption of various software platforms utilized by our customers to maximize efficiencies and revenue.

Our team provides a reliable 24 hour per day, 7 days a week on-call service that has satisfied our customer needs throughout our 30 year history. At all times there is a primary On-Call Team Member, as well as a secondary backup. The capability to provide qualified support personnel results in a highly reliable and efficient method of response to all operational, equipment and system related problems or emergencies. This kind of reliability is vital in the field of hydro generation.

We have developed an extensive support base of Engineers, Consultants, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Industry Service Groups, that, together with our own experience in this field enable our Company to offer a total Management and Operational Package to our Customers.

Reddick Contractors is a results-oriented company and our project-oriented management style results in noticeable gains for clients. Skilled in strategic planning, managing projects and problem-solving we are able to help maximize productivity and control costs through effective management of capital and resources.