Maintenance & Overhauls


Reddick Contractors has continuously provided our customers with extremely reliable predictive and preventative maintenance services throughout our history. Our team of dedicated tradesmen, technicians and associates can quickly troubleshoot and repair most any problem that arises; we have the knowledge base and hands on experience in mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and control systems whereby we can assess and implement the most cost effective repair solutions for our clients.

We have completed numerous mechanical and electrical installations related to the hydro industry. We have performed a variety of major overhauls to Hydro Turbines and Generators, including Francis, Propeller Pit and Kaplan designs. We have undertaken complete teardowns and rebuilds of all major components and auxiliary systems. Reddick Contractors Ltd also has extensive experience in the commissioning of these same hydro facilities.

We have successfully  designed, written and implemented predictive and preventative maintenance programs tailored to our customer’s needs.

The supervision of various sub-contractors and third party organizations is offered within our scope of responsibilities. We have the knowledge base necessary to effectively assess, troubleshoot and repair most equipment, as well as providing estimates related to long term planning and capital expenditure requirements. We provide the coordination of related agencies, contractors and vendors with customers’ needs regarding repairs, breakdowns, emergency contingencies and projects.

We have developed an extensive support base of engineers, consultants, manufacturers, suppliers and Industry service groups. Together with our own experience and large inventory of tools, equipment and 4500 sq/ft shop facility our company can offer a total construction and maintenance solution.